Characters corresponding to different blood types

Many young consumers expressed their strong interest in Chinese culture while chatting. They often asked about the meaning of the twelve animal zodiac signs and blood types in China. The twelve zodiac signs in China are not constellations such as Aries, Pisces, and Capricorn. , Let’s come one by one, let’s talk about the influence of blood type on personality. The following points are for reference and entertainment only. Next, we will introduce the personality characteristics of the four blood types:

Type A blood:

People with blood type A are the most loyal people. They have a lot of power. They love their family and company. They have the lowest job-hopping rate. They are workaholics. They feel scared if they don’t work and can’t take a rest at ease. They are very humble. They think more than people of other blood types, and they have a heavy mind. If they have something on their minds, they will easily lose sleep. They have a fatal weakness. As long as others treat him particularly well, he will feel ashamed. Looking for a chance to return this favor. They are very good at taking care of others and have a very strong sense of responsibility. Because of this, they can’t take time off. People with blood type A are very ambitious, but they think it’s mine, it’s mine, not mine, I never want Everyone with blood type A has the spirit of craftsmanship and pursues perfection. Girls with type A blood are easy to be liked because their lives are particularly exquisite. They are also very traditional and shy. Aries girls with blood type A will be as rigorous as boys and workaholic Virgo people with type A blood have extremely high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and they are very reliable in doing things. People with blood type A are not very good at socializing and prefer to stay at home. Unless they are socializing for work and they like to go home, they are also very stubborn.

Type B blood:

People with type B blood are particularly stubborn. If you follow type B blood and follow his ideas, everything will do, but if you go against him, he will say one into two. They are not soft-hearted enough and don’t like to grab other people’s things. The disadvantage of people with type B blood is that they are not energetic enough and often lose things. They often forget their lover’s birthday, and their personality is not strong enough. When you first meet them, you will not like them directly, but after getting along for a long time, you will find B People with blood type are private air conditioners. They will only be the one who is best. If you want to communicate with people with blood type B, you must not sing the opposite in the beginning. People who have no way will run into the wall Most people with type B blood will not express it in their hearts when they are angry, but Libra, Capricorn, and Scorpio with type B blood may speak out loud.

AB blood: People with type AB blood are not afraid of anyone. They have a good relationship with anyone, but they don’t have a deep friendship, just like a central air conditioner, so they can get acquainted with anyone quickly. The biggest weakness of blood type AB is its explosive power but not enough endurance The most inseparable people with type AB blood are friends. They are always in the circle of friends. AB combines A, B and O. They will feel empty when they leave their friends. People with blood type AB are not easy to do things. They are good at interpersonal relationships, but they are not very capable of doing things. However, he is best at adjusting work, adjusting various departments and various people to make them harmonious.

Type O blood:

People with type O blood have the most sufficient power among the blood types. They have a strong personality, boldness, strong energy, and a keen sense of smell. They must do what they say. They have a large pattern and are good at layout. Type O blood is grumpy in the face of trivial things. , Like a firecracker, he is fine after he is angry, but other people feel uncomfortable. O type blood is very calm when encountering major events. They are very confident and only serve people who are more capable than themselves. They don’t love strange situations. Speak, the person who has the most opinion after being familiar O blood and A blood are opposed in many ways. It is difficult for him to understand people with type A blood. Many people will only pay attention to their own affairs, but O type blood will pay attention to the affairs of the whole family and give their thoughts



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