This story can tell us the truth

In a very hidden primitive tribe, peaceful and busy, suddenly one day a helicopter crashed into the tribe’s ravine. At that time, Mr. Li was farming on the mountain. You must know that he has been farming for many years, hoping to supply himself with the best food. It’s the first time for him to see a helicopter in the tribe. Usually there are only birds and kites in the sky. He was surprised to tell the tribe’s leadership that there was a helicopter crash. The leader graduated from tribal university. He thinks the current tribe is the most advanced Yes, there can be no so-called helicopter, it must be a strange-looking bird.
Mr. Li said: "Impossible! I have been farming in the mountains for so many years and I have never seen such a big bird that is so distinctive. It is not a bird, it must not be! I can guarantee it!
The road to the mountains is difficult, and everyone is unwilling to climb the mountain with him, so the leader said that if you mess around like this, I will punish you. You need to write a review!
Few people go to Mr. Li's mountain! After a few days, many people who like to hike through the mountains saw the crashed helicopter, so they believed Mr. Li's words and began to pay attention to the new thing. Later, after investigation, it was discovered that the helicopter was found in a tribe in the west and was attacked. Only gliding to this ancient tribe, but many people in the western tribe who didn't know about it said that this was the helicopter of the eastern tribe, and even the people of the western tribe who attacked the helicopter at that time believed that the helicopter was from the eastern tribe!
So don't imagine certain people or tribes as complicated and insidious. Everyone wakes up, breakfast, family, work, busy life, simple. Some are just prejudices against people who don’t understand.
Hope for world peace! ! !
There are many misunderstandings in the world, but if you care about international facts and are wise enough, I believe you will understand! Thank you for your understanding. If you like some small gifts from the Eastern Tribe, come in and have a look.

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